Neighborhood Walkability from Walk Score is a website for determining how easy (or hard) it is to live a car-lite lifestyle in a neighborhood. WalkScore calculates the walkability by measuring the distance to stores, restaurants, schools, parks and other neighborhood amenities and ranks them from a low of ‘driving only’ to a high of ‘walkers’ paradise’.

The site acknowledges there are certain limitations to its data. First they use Google Maps as their base and there are known errors, both in terms of streets and business addresses. Also distance is calculated ‘as the crow flies’. If the nearest store is across the lake, WalkScore assumes you will be swimming. And just because you can walk doesn’t mean you should – WalkScore doesn’t look at crime or the availability of sidewalks or pedestrian friendly crossings.

Recently the site measured Seattle neighborhoods and came up with a walkability map of the city. For fun you can also see the walkability score of celebrity houses from around the country, including the Brady Bunch house in North Hollywood.


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  1. It’s difficult to me to understand how computer counts my walk, drive and others scores. By what criterion it judges? I always don’t agree with my mark and I feel upset! I don’t need most things (Gas Station, Railway Station) that computer proposing to me. But I found a service that offers me to choose things by myself. So my score became much higher than it was. So try it too.