Affordable Housing

081508We have recently updated our Field Guide to Affordable Housing. The nation’s housing affordability crisis is fed by economic, demographic, and regulatory characteristics. The issue will not go away on its own. Because wages have not kept pace with rising home prices and rents, millions of American households struggle to meet their housing costs.

Every day, REALTORS® across America reach out and connect thousands of people with the homes and communities that are right for them. Those connections extend far beyond the closing table. They are the start of long-term business relationships with clients; they make our neighborhoods more attractive and marketable; and they strengthen communities and the national economy.

When consumers cannot afford homes in the neighborhoods where they work, those connections are broken. A lack of available and affordable housing reduces access to employment, education, a good environment, and safe neighborhoods. And a lack of affordable housing affects all segments of the real estate market, including first-time purchasers, low-income, minorities, seniors, disabled, renters, and single-family buyers as well as rental property owners and developers.Find out the latest affordable housing news, new trends in affordable housing design, the latest research and much more on this important topic.


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