Safety is job 1!

080608_1This week is REALTOR® Safety Week. Information Central has some tips and ideas for you. You meet lots of people in the real estate business–some nice and some not so nice. Learn how to protect yourself at open houses, in the office, in the car and talking on the phone in our updated field guide. Get safety tips, handouts and posters from REALTOR® Associations. Read about REALTORS®’ real-life experiences, find out how their lives were changed and how they keep safe while working.

While the cut and dry can be useful, especially for safety, for those who like a mysteries, author Barbara Lee weaves some great tips on how agents can protect themselves into her 1997 title Final Closing (cover above). It’s not going to win the Pulitzer (and it didn’t), but makes for a quick and enlightening read. Find it at your local library or in a used book store.

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Edit 09/17/08: Watch NAR’s “Safety Strategies For You and Your Clients,” an updated video about REALTOR® safety.


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