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091908Recently we had a member call wondering if there were such a thing as a designation or certification for working with military relocation issues. The closest we could find was the Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) designation offered by Worldwide ERC (formerly known as the Employee Relocation Council), the workforce mobility association. It appears that this designation in geared more toward a general corporate relocation specialist, however, rather than one working specifically with military personnel. Please note, while members are welcome to earn this designation on their own, NAR does not endorse or recognize the CRP. If anyone out there knows of another designation, let us know and we’ll pass it on. For more information about NAR endorsed designations, please see our list.

That’s not to say that realtors aren’t going out on their own to learn the ins and outs of working with the armed forces. According to Realty Times, this is one niche area that hasn’t faced the drastic falloff that is plaguing much of the industry. The paper also ran an article several years ago on how agents can specialize in working with the armed forces. The key to working with military families? Using the latest technologies to connect with clients around the world and get them information quickly, understanding the the VA loan process, and keeping in mind the need for a quick resale down the line as the family gets transferred to its next station.


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  1. Thanks to technology, relocation designations have made military families stay connected. Hope to see more of such info here.

  2. NAR has a course for Realtors called SRR Successful Relocation Representation. Here is the link for the course, it is available online at Realtor University.
    Just copy and paste will take you right there/
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