Selling during the holidays

391307981_e9a05cccd6_mWhile the holiday season sees the least amount of home shoppers during the year, people who are looking now generally are more motivated to find a home quickly. While juggling the demands of shopping, parties, cookie baking and relatives can be stressful enough, trying to sell your home doesn’t have to take a back seat to the holidays. Take a few minutes to make sure your listing is following these home selling during the holidays guidelines published in the Chicago Sun-Times.

  1. Don’t overwhelm your room with a large tree or too many decorations
  2. Think about putting extra furniture in storage instead of just shoving it to the side for seasonal displays
  3. Don’t hide the best features of your home under garland and decorations
  4. Keep plenty of lights on for buyers – while the tree may look pretty in a dim room, it won’t help to sell your house
  5. Share a little holiday cheer with buyers by laying out cookies or warm cider


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