The Face of Real Estate for 100 Years

010509mainAs part of the National Assocation’s Centennial Celebration in 2008, NAR created a timeline showing important events in the Association as well as a list of our past presidents. If you attended any of our major meetings or conferences this past year, you probably saw it displayed.

With festivities winding down, Information Central realized that this timeline would be be a great compliment to one of the most publicly accessible areas of the NAR headquarters building, reminding all members and staff who come to the library or archives of some key moments in our organization’s history. With the gracious help of the Convention Group, we were able to display the majority of the timeline in our outer hallway for all to see. If you are a member of NAR and visiting Chicago, stop by Info Central on the fourth floor to take a look.

The hallway is too narrow to capture the whole timeline, but click on the images below for a couple of detailed views.




Senior Information Specialist

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