Adapting to a New Term in Real Estate

ThisMonth0901JANUARY 2009 – In January of 1918 the National Real Estate Journal reported on use of the new word REALTOR® and efforts to educate the public about what it meant. The word was coined by Charles N. Chadbourn, vice president of the National Association of Real Estate Boards and former President of the Minneapolis Real Estate Board. In 1916 Chadbourn sold the rights to the word to the National Association for one dollar.

Two years later the Journal reported, “realtor was being taken to rapidly and, better still, was being readily understood and appreciated in its fullest intended sense, by the public.”

Chadbourn told the Journal, “The advantage of a distinguishing mark by which the public may know the responsible, expert real estate man from the curbstoner who possesses no such qualifications, is being warmly welcomed by the public.”

REALTOR® would go on to be copyrighted and patented. For the rest of his long life Chadbourn was known as “Father Realtor.”