REALTORS® honored George Washington

thismonth0902February 2009 – In February of 1932 the National Real Estate Journal remarked on the bicentennial of George Washington’s birth. “Because in a sense he was our first Great Realtor,” the Journal wrote, “present day real estate men will take special interest in the bicentennial celebration.”

When he became owner of Mount Vernon at age 21 the estate comprised 2,700 acres. At the time of his death Washington’s holdings exceeded 63,000 acres in seven states.

“Next to Mount Vernon, the most interesting lands that Washington owned consisted of…nearly 52 square miles, situated on the Ohio and the Great Kanawha Rivers” the magazine noted. Washington himself wrote “there is no richer or more valuable land in all that region” and considered it’s value as high as ten dollars an acre.

REALTORS® joined their fellow Americans in celebrating the 200th birthday of the Father of the Country. 12,000 communities across America set up Washington bicentennial commissions. The national chairman was President Herbert Hoover, who opened the celebration on February 22 with a radio address.