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093009Today’s Wall Street Journal (link available to members through ProQuest) has an article on which cities a panel of experts thinks will emerge as the go-to destinations for post-recession college graduates to start their careers. Not surprisingly, big cities dominate the list. While quirky smaller cities had an appeal in the past, recession-weary grads are more likely to seek out the stability and broad job markets of larger metropolitan areas.

Also missing from the list are many cities of the sunbelt and south. Las Vegas and cities in Florida, only recently booming, have been hit hard by the housing crisis. And Charlotte, a major banking hub, is still reeling from the financial crisis. Ascendant are the cities of the West Coast and Northeast, with a few mid-continent power spots thrown in. Not all the cities on the list have emerged from the recession unscathed. Portland, on the list at number 4, has an 11.2% unemployment rate. However even with the tough job market, Portland continues to appeal to the young with it’s vibrant, hip culture. Tying for first place are Washington DC – government jobs, culture and a high tech corridor – and Seattle – high tech and bio-tech with a beautiful setting.

View the top ten after the jump.

Top ten post-recession youth magnet cities:
1. Washington DC
1. (tie) Seattle
3. New York City
4. Portland, OR
5. Austin
6. San Jose, CA
7. Denver
8. Raleigh-Durham NC
9. Dallas
10. Chicago
10 (tie) Boston


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