Your Agent Is Worth His Commission

DECEMBER 2009 — Real estate agents “have spent many years in acquiring a knowledge of their work and these men serve you skillfully and well.”  So wrote M. L. Dye, President of First Federal Savings in Salt Lake City in a December 1957 article for the National Real Estate and Building Journal.  “There are many fine and reputable agents whose judgment you may trust and whose ability will serve you abundantly by saving you time, inconvenience and often money.”

“When you buy a house,” Dye wrote, “do you calculate the value of all the advertising, equipment and time of all the agents that have been placed at your disposal?”

“Real estate agents…are seeking constantly and industriously both to stimulate the interest of the public in buying real estate and to find specific buyers for specific properties.  This is of inestimable value to property owners and financial institutions.”

“They adhere to a rigid code of ethics.  They fight unfair taxation on real estate.  They continue to inform legislative bodies that one of the lessons of history in our times is that the individual ownership and individual use of private property are indispensable to the society which depends on individual initiative for its vigor and progress.”

The agent, Dye noted, “is worthy of his commission and…performs a valuable community service for which he must be paid if we are to continue having it.”