Using Digital Video as a Marketing Tool

031010With YouTube practically a household word and digital cameras and video-editing software becoming ever more sophisticated and affordable, video is suddenly where the action is in real estate. Most computers come with basic video software built in and basic  cameras are under $200. All you need now is a bit of time, a good idea of what you want to convey, and the patience to practice, practice, practice. Property sellers and real estate professionals alike are finding out how easy and effective it is to create and post homemade virtual tours, neighborhood guides, and other videos to help sell real estate. Check out our updated Field Guide to find out how and why to market real estate using web video.


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  1. I’ve been tossing around the idea of incorporating video into my real estate marketing strategy but I’ve been concerned with the legal ramifications. I’ve heard of Realtors shooting videos of bank-owned listings and then posting these on their own web sites, but they aren’t the actual listing agents. To me this would constitute advertising a listing that doesn’t belong to you without permission. Even though I can’t picture banks or REO agents being upset about the free advertisements I still am wondering if we should get permission in writing before doing this. Does anyone have any thoughts?