Mary Pickford’s Urban Story for REALTORS


In May, 1927, Silver Screen legend Mary Pickford wrote a letter just for the REALTORS and readers of California Real Estate Magazine.

“A city which grows and prospers is indeed fortunate,” Ms. Pickford wrote.  “Yet a community expanding rapidly in every direction faces many, and difficult, problems.”

“We must encourage our business interests,” she added.  “They must expand and grow to provide work for the thousands who come to a city to make their homes.  But while we are looking after the practical things from an industrial standpoint, we must not lose sight of the need for recreational facilities, parks, trees, good architecture, wide highways, playgrounds, and, where possible, beaches.”

Urban planning was not just a whim for her.  “This is quite a hobby of mine.  I have even made several addresses on the subject before Chambers of Commerce, the American Institute of Architects and other bodies.”

83 years ago “America’s Sweetheart” was optimistic for the future of America’s cities.  “It is my hope…to interest many others in these things, for if enough people will give their enthusiastic support to these problems they will be solved in a practical, common sense way.”

  1. Heather

    What an visionary she must have been to write that in the 20’s.