What’s a superphone, and how is it different from my smartphone?

Google introduced the term “superphone” in January with the launch of the Nexus One Google phone. According to Google VP Andy Rubin, the new term refers to all the innovations that superphones have that didn’t exist a couple years ago.    

Now there’s a lot of industry discussion on what distinguishes a superphone from the widely-used smartphones.

While a smartphone has features like a touchscreen, a camera, applications, and web browsing capabilities, superphones’ screens are larger, and they have impressive cameras that allow for high-quality photo and video capturing. Superphones also have better software that allows for more multitasking, social applications are more integrated, and web browsing is more advanced and faster due to open-source browsers.

This chart from Mobile Beat highlights some basic differences in features:

superphone- MobileBeatchart

Also visit CNET.com and Gigaom.com for more specific software, hardware, and platform specifications for superphones.

Samsung’s CSO Omar Khan has said superphones are the “power of a netbook in the palm of your hand…What users expect is the same experience they have on their netbooks or PCs in an uncompromised fashion.”

A recent Pew Internet survey supports Khan’s thinking: Compared with April 2009, cell phone owners are now more likely to use their mobile phones to take pictures, text, browse the internet, and record videos.

SF Gate, 7/10/10

SF Gate, 7/10/10


So which superphones are best? JKontherun.com lists the top 5 to watch

  • Nexus One
  • HTC Desire
  • HTC HD2
  • Samsung Galaxy S

For additional information on smartphones, check out Information Central’s Field Guide to Choosing & Using a Smartphone




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  1. I’d love to use the HTC Evo… BUT…..what everyone DOESN’T tell you is that the battery only lasts 2-3 hours under normal use!!