What we’re reading — Sept. 20-24, 2010

Are you acting like a real estate professional, or a servant?  Janice Coffey of AgentGenius discusses the benefits of operating in a businesslike manner.  It is acceptable to say no, have set hours to respond to messages and show properties,  and turn down unrealistic clients.  “[Y]ou should have a businessman’s heart when making decisions, setting limits and policies.  Don’t change the person you are, but do be a businessperson.”

You have probably heard of Groupon or Living Social by now, offering gift-certificate like coupons to city dwellers in most major US and Canadian cities. Several more coupon vendors have popped up as of late, such as Crowd Click and BuyWithMe. National Public Radio’s story To Deal With a Down Economy, Look For Deals highlights the ways American’s are working to maximize paycheck longevity.

Feeling behind on the latest and greatest developments in social media? Mashable.com’s article How Businesses Are Unleashing Their Employees’ Social Media Potential highlights the ways successful businesses are currently using social media to maximize market impact.

How can your business take advantage of Social Media and geographic-specific coupons? Mashable.com’s article 5 New Ways Small Businesses Can Offer Location-Based Deals provides the skinny on how you can maximize your business’ market impact.

Feeling like an analyst in addition to a REALTOR® lately? The Notorious R.O.B’s blog post Like It or Not, You’re All Political Analysts Now discusses how part of being a REALTOR® in this age may require informing the misinformed consumer.

Yahoo! Real Estate recently published The 10 Most Expensive Cities to Buy a Home with California’s Newport Beach and Palo Alto leading the pack.

Kate Stockert

Information & Web Content Specialist at the National Association of REALTORS®

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