What We’re Reading: Oct. 2 – Oct. 8

We’ve seen some interesting articles on social media this week. The Atlantic had a drama-filled story on “hiding” rather than “unfriending” in Facebook and which is meaner. Meanwhile, the New York Times gave a quick how-to guide for small business owners on using the latest geolocation service/social network, FourSquare, to increase business and track customers. Finally ZDNet discussed the growing use of social networking tools in corporate intranets today.

The Pew Research Center reported this week on the dichotomy seen in today’s news reports on information technology – either it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, or it’s going to kill us all. It’s making life easier, but we need to watch out for online predators.

Firefox’s market share continues to grow – though not as rapidly as Google Chrome. Part of the appeal is the ability to add extensions and apps to the browser. This week the website Practical eCommerce listed 5 essential Firefox add-ons for the web-savvy.

In real estate, the Tax Foundation reports that Northeast homeowners tend to pay the most in property taxes, with the highest taxes being in New York and New Jersey. Louisiana and much of the South tend to have the lowest property taxes on homeowners.

While domestically calls grow for a moratorium on foreclosures, overseas property investors in Dubai are finding it hard to get their money back. The New York Times reports the property market developed faster than the legal framework surrounding it, leaving foreign buyers high and dry.


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