What We’re Reading: Oct. 16 – Oct. 22

Many of you have probably already tried a free Doc to PDF converter, such as CutePDF. But how many of you have tried PDF to Doc converters? Washington Post writer Lincoln Spector shares a few recommendations on Pdf to Doc conversion. Including links to a free online converter.

What happens when you combine 500+ million users and 1+ million third-party applications? The makers of Facebook are finding that you get an intractable wild child. The consequences of a Facebook run rampant? Information leaks and privacy breaches followed by a Mark Zuckerberg public apology. The New York Times article
Facebook Vows to Fix a Flaw in Data Privacy offers the details.

Social media can be a minefield of missteps and ‘it sounded good on paper’ ideas. Advertising Age has a interesting slide show of Social Media Screw-ups: A Brief History showing how firms both large and small have stepped in it over the last few years and what each failure should have taught the market.

Everyone has too many passwords – and if you’re a REALTOR®, you’ve probably called us looking for yours. Managing an ever-changing array of letters, numbers and symbols – wait, did I have to change this one recently? – can lead anyone to a meltdown. Mashable had an article the other day discussing 5 Tools for Keeping Track of Your Passwords. Some are free and some have a cost, but all sound like solutions to a vexing problem.

As many REALTORS® have learned over the last few years, foreclosures can be a real headache. A new wrinkle in the whole nightmare process is the emerging problem of ‘robo-signing’, when mortgage note holders don’t follow proper procedures to verify that they have a legal claim to the note, leading to disputes and uncertainty in regard to who actually owns the mortgage note that is going under. Still confused? The PBS Newshour recaps and explains the problem in The Road to ‘Robo-Signing’ as part of their series on the foreclosure mess.


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