Harnessing Emerging Technologies & Video Marketing Techniques

Nearly 300 REALTORS® gathered at New Orleans’ Morial Convention Center this morning for an informative overview of new technologies and how to effectively use them in the real estate business.  The three presenters included Mike Barnett of Panorama Properties, Inc.; Jerry Rossi of ROSSI Speaks; and Ken Baris of Jordan Baris, Inc. REALTORS®.  Some of the key points attendees took away included insights into how technology is changing both society and the real estate business and how to harness technology to change your own business.

People go everywhere to shop for homes, Mike Barnett said at the beginning of the session.  Realtor.com, Yahoo Real Estate, Google, YouTube… — consumers don’t confine their search to just one source, but go to any number of sources both online and off to do their research.  Syndication is the key to making sure your virtual tours and other marketing videos reach as many consumers as possible.  Ken Baris’s firm posts virtual tours on YouTube, in part to increase their audience, but also because the site provides easy to use, real-time data showing how often each virtual tour has been viewed.  One hundred percent of purchases are emotional, Jerry Rossi said later in the program.  The key to making your own videos successful is to find a way to put some emotion into each one.

Analytics is changing the way people do business, Baris said, and his company takes full advantage of numbers to attract customers and top-performing agents.  By breaking down his market into neighborhoods and school districts, Baris is able to create hyperlocal data that helps his agents “unlock the value” of a home and allows them to focus their marketing efforts on specific neighborhoods and types of homes.  He can also use that data to see how well his agents negotiate and assess their performance in particular neighborhoods.  By making the hyperlocal market data accessible on mobile devices, Baris’s agents have instant access to real-time numbers whenever they or their clients want them.

“Data is the new oil,” Rossi added.  Real estate professionals need to understand that consumers look for properties first, and agents second.  What do you really know about your market?, he asked the audience.  Hyperlocal data can help real estate professionals “take off their information booth hats” and become trusted advisors instead.

The program touched on a number of other topics, including converting your traditional website to a blog format, QR codes, cloud computing, and gaming.  Receive the session outline, with links, statistics and other useful resources, by texting “rossi” to 82257, or download it here.

Frederik Heller

Managing Director of Information Services at the National Association of REALTORS®.

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