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Yet another Top 10 list: America’s Dirtiest Cities, courtesy of the American Lung Association via Forbes. Hint: If you live in California, your town probably made the list (7 out of 10!).

Fox Business News writes about the recent trend of parents buying condos or investment property for their kids in college. It saves on dorm fees or off-campus rent while providing a safe home close to campus. With a few roommates to split the bill, the mortgage costs can be covered. Another trend is the upswing in alumni and retirees buying near the campus.

Just in time for the Holiday Shopping Season – 10 Online Shopping Traps that Catch Even Smart Shoppers

Twitter is a great marketing/communications resource for small business, but it’s easy to lose control of the conversation. BNet talks to a social media expert for advice on Avoiding a Twitter Chernobyl.

PCWorld recently listed Five Free Tools for Small Businesses that aren’t the fly-by-night, sign your life (or email address) away freebies that are everywhere. Suggestions include Dropbox (which we’ve covered before) and Linux.

Thinking of buying a house in China? Well, you can only buy one.

Launching your own start-up is sometimes as easy as just getting a good idea and seeing where it goes. A recent article in Bloomberg BusinessWeek profiled a couple of entrepreneurs in grad school who started a line of stationary for the Forgetful Gentleman.

Who really does own your mortgage? Dan Edstrom created a complex flow chart to try to answer that question. After a year of research, it’s still not clear.

And finally, on a lighter note, Vanity Fair has been running an infrequent series over the years called “My Desk”: basically what the workspaces of some celebrities look like. The photo slideshow is an interesting view on how people work (or want you to believe they work).


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