What We’re Reading: Dec. 4 – Dec. 10

Money Magazine asks: Should you give your kid a down payment? My parents helped me get over that initial hurdle (thanks Mom & Dad!), but you need to look at your financial situation and see what the best method might be: a gift, a loan, co-signing or something else.

The  spread between the cost of buying a foreclosed vs. a non-foreclosed home continues to grow.

The Washington Post‘s tech blog reports on the first rumors of what to look for on Apple’s iPad 2.0, due in mid-2011.

Google launches its eBook store. Amazon counters with its Kindle for Web. CNN spells out some of the differences between Google’s new store and its competitors. Salon also reviews, says ‘meh’…

“Millionaire” is so passe… What’s rich in 2011?

In this economy, we’re seeing lots of stories about the return to multi-generational living, but what happens when there is no family to go home to? The Chicago Tribune recently noted the rise in homeowners renting out rooms to boarders.

As we’ve reported before, sloppy work and robo-signing by banks or mortgage brokers can drag out the foreclosure process. But how about 25 years?!

Twelve quick things you can do right now to give yourself a health boost. I would like #12 about now…

And what we’re watching:  Health vs Wealth in 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes from BBC via YouTube.


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