New: Field Guide to QR Codes

010511Have you started to notice black and white squares on advertising, in magazines, on business cards or on yard signs? Created in Japan in 1994, QR (Quick Response) codes like the one to the left are used by Best Buy, Ralph Lauren, and movie advertisements to connect with customers.

Find out how to generate a QR Code, download the QR Code on your smartphone and then read the information. In this NEW Field Guide, learn about QR Codes, why they are a new form of mobile advertising, and how they can be used to market and sell real estate.


Senior Information Specialist

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  1. I am seeing QR codes more frequently now in San Diego. I am thinking about putting one on my page, but then again they are already at my page so it may not benefit me. What do you think?

  2. QR codes are great – Google Googles and Augmented reality is the way of the future!

  3. I am using QR codes to market my listings in Seattle area, have put them on my business cards and other various marketing pieces to direct traffic to my website. My clients love to have their listings mobile. Love QR codes.