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Who’s Ron Phipps, what is the key to getting email read,  and why does Facebook make me sad?

“4G” is the hot buzzword in smart phones right now. All the major carriers claim theirs is the ‘fastest’, ‘largest’, ‘best’, ‘most reliable’, etc. But beyond marketing jargon, what does it all mean? Wired looks at the four major carriers in the US and compares their 4G flavors. They are not created equally. And as it turns out, they’re not really 4G…

Email marketing is never easy. Getting people to hit read or open rather than delete is a constant challenge. Forbes recently had an article on how to write a compelling email subject heading. Their advice: urgency, consistency, focus, and no exclamation points!

About 40% of visitors to your website aren’t entering through the home page, so you must make sure every page of your website is informative and supports your business goals, writes Mikal E. Belicove in the February issue of Entrepreneur. He recommends checking your website’s analytics to determine where visitors are entering your site and having a clear call to action on every page.

It’s always good to know more about who is leading your organization. California Real Estate profiles the 2011 NAR President, Ron Phipps.

eReaders continue to gain ground in the marketplace as prices drop and competition spurs development. But how do you decide on which eReader to get? MSN’s Smart Spending guru says with it’s closed environment Kindle isn’t the answer.

Social Media! Social Networking! How many of us are getting tired of all this? But these days Facebook has spread its tentacles beyond the simple poke and “Dave is having caviar and champagne in Cannes with @Angelina Jolie” pretentious status update. It’s becoming hard not to have a Facebook account. But what if you want to keep it on the DL? The Atlantic has a quick step-by-step guide to making yourself virtually invisible while still maintaining your Facebook account.

And if your friends aren’t virtually hidden, think twice about turning to your news feed for solace if you’re down. A new study finds that Facebook can actually make you sadder. Everyone’s lives seem so much more colorful and wonderful than yours (see champagne, Cannes, and Angelina above), leading you to falsely lament your actually very nice place in the world.

Yikes! According to a recent study, more young kids know how to work smart phone apps than can tie their shoes.


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