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Remodel horrors, a blind mountain biker, angry bird overload, and iPad for real estate.

Every REALTOR® who sells houses has his or her horror story – a house that needed more than just a bit of TLC to get it sold. But does yours match up to those collected by CNN Money in its recent article They did what to that house?! Remodel horror stories. These aren’t simple remodels gone wrong, but rather epic disasters. Click on any of the links in the article to go to the photo gallery of horrors.

BlackBerry has a more stoic image than iPhone or Android, but it still has an app store. And with that business-centered image comes some great business applications. Mashable looks at some of the Best Free BlackBerry Apps for Business.

Daniel Kish has been sightless since he was a year old. Yet he can mountain bike. And navigate the wilderness alone. And recognize a building as far away as 1,000 feet. How? The same way bats can see in the dark.

It’s addictive and now ubiquitous. Angry Birds is coming to Facebook. At what point do we reach saturation? I’m waiting for the pig backlash. For those not yet familiar with it, WiredUK has a very interesting story on the genesis of the game in its April issue.

Joel Burslem gives his take on the new iPad 2 from Apple and the business of real estate. Wondering how real estate agents are using the iPad? Read the comments that follow the post.

Had enough Charlie Sheen stories in your life? There is an answer.

With the price of gas on the rise, Consumer Reports has advice on saving money at the pump.  Driving slower at a steady pace, combining errands,  cleaning out your trunk to lower your car’s weight and using an app like Gas Buddy to find cheaper gas are some of the tips that can keep money in your pocket.

REALTORS® need to be ready for everything, but pirate attack?! They don’t just happen off Somalia, with some areas of the Bahamas also risky. FoxNews gives some advice.

You’ve heard of Groupon, LivingSocial, and the whole gaggle online coupon vendors. But are you really going to drive 30 miles to get a ½ off massage or go to a fitness class? New York Times introduces the idea of hyperlocal coupon vendors—an opportunity to connect your business with your community.

The happiest person in America is a tall Asian Jew living in Hawaii.

Our thoughts and prayers to all those impacted by the Japanese quake and tsunami.


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  1. Melinda

    This article promised to tell me how realtors are using the ipad and does NOT EVEN MENTION the ipad. THUMBS DOWN for wasting my time

  2. David Shumaker

    The iPad article is about halfway down the list. Here’s the direct link: http://1000wattconsulting.com/blog/2011/03/ipad-2-and-the-business-of-real-estate.html. Read the comments following Joel’s post to see how realtors are using the iPad.