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Baby carrots as junk food, the homebuyer tax credit, and spring cleaning your gadgets

Take a former Coke executive and make him CEO of a baby carrot giant. What happens? Marketing baby carrots as the new junk food, complete with crinkly packaging and a dinosaur mascot. ps. Now there’s even a game for your iPhone!

Google’s plan to digitize whole libraries has been shot down by a judge who felt the arrangement between Google and parties representing authors and publishers went too far. CNN Money has the details.

The Today show offers great tips and ideas for cleaning up the cord clutter in your home.  Tangled and frayed cords lead to falls and even fires.  Conceal wires along the baseboards with a plastic cover, label and color-code your cords, use velcro strips to hold looped cords in place and stop using extension cords.

You have a smartphone, and iPod, a digital camera and a video camera with lots of overlapping functions. What can you get rid of, what should you keep? The New York Times runs through the list of gadgets to keep and the list to recycle.

Miss Manners on 21st Century phone etiquette (a.k.a. email first to set up a phone appointment).

A new survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers suggests the fundamentals of commercial real estate are improving as it moves beyond the crater of the real estate bust.

Unhappy with some of the changes in the just-released Firefox 4? Gizmodo tells you how to undo some of them. And how to create an awesomebar like in Chrome.

Military members can still take advantage of the homebuyer tax credit that expired for the rest of us almost a year ago.  Get your paperwork in by April 30 and close by June 30. Wisebread has the details on how to qualify.

“Steam” is the new black in the cleaning world. From mops to dryers to dishwashers, everyone is touting the benefits of steam cleaning. But is it really worth it? An article in the Kansas City Star says, it depends.


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