What We’re Reading: April 2 – April 8

Govt. shutdown and REALTORS®, spring cleaning, and radiation in bananas

What would a government shutdown mean for REALTORS® and their clients? NAR’s own Government Affairs group gives the details.

Spring cleaning is for more than just your sweaters and your dirty windows. The Next Web gives advice on cleaning out your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

While eating a banana might not be a good way to compare radiation exposures, it still shows how blown out of proportion our fear of nuclear energy is.

You might be familiar with the Japanese term ‘karoshi‘ – literally ‘death from overwork’. Well, it doesn’t just happen in Japan. A recent study finds that people who work an average of 11 or more hours per day have a 67 percent higher risk of suffering a heart attack or dying from heart disease than people who work a standard seven- to eight-hour day and those who work between 10 and 11 hours per day have a 45 percent higher risk.

And what to do if you are all stressed out? WiseBread offers 99 free or inexpensive ways to relax including yoga, drinking peppermint tea, gardening, making bread, and much more.

I hate April Fools pranks. Maybe because I’ve been on the receiving end of too many mean ones. Anyway, Fox News rounds up some of the internet April Fools jokes from this year.


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