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One of the biggest challenges we face with eBooks (other than getting it all set up) is explaining to users that Amazon’s very popular Kindle devices won’t work with our eBook titles and those of most major library systems that use Overdrive content. Amazon has always kept its Kindle in a closed system, accepting only its own content and any PDFs that you could manage to load via a slightly cumbersome process. While that limited its appeal to some, the easy and convenience of acquiring content through the Kindle’s smart, user-friendly interface made it the industry leader.

Even as the Kindle has continued to improve, other readers have come on the market that will take Overdrive content. I think Amazon has seen the writing on the wall. AP is reporting that Amazon is now working to add the ability to add Overdrive content to it’s device. So if you have loved the ease of the Kindle, but balked at not being able to download free content from your library or InfoCentral’s ebook collection, your wait is almost over. Great news!


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  1. Joe

    With the soaring popularity of iPhones, iPads and Android devices Amazon saw the writing on the wall and wisely decided to open up the Kindle to accept more formats. As we see over and over again with consumer electronics, proprietary technology rarely succeeds in the marketplace.

  2. Even just a simple 100 dollar android pad is decent for this too. We bought one on ebay and never looked back!