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Millennial Bosses, Mother’s Day, and Earning Cents Using Facebook

With a slumping economy, several years of a less-than-stellar stock market, and a desire to be active, Boomers are serving in the workforce longer than previous generations. The result? Greater numbers working for younger bosses.  Fortune has an interesting article on how this reversed generational dynamic can work.

The National Low Income Housing Coalition released its annual Out of Reach Report for 2011 on the state of the nation’s rental markets. Where is it most expensive to rent overall? And as compared to income?  No real surprises that San Francisco comes out on top with 5 Bay Area counties leading the pack.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 8th. While considering gift options, here’s a list of Mother’s Day gifts to avoid.

The latest scoop on Facebook? Earn cents for viewing ads. And, in case you’re having trouble keeping pace with Facebook’s ever growing list of “enhancements,” we provide a courtesy reminder to check that you’ve updated your security and news feed settings.

If you’re looking to provide relief to the Alabama tornado victims, donations are being accepted through the Alabama Association of REALTORS® Disaster Relief Fund.


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  1. Joe

    Just had a look at that list of 16 worst mother’s day gifts. I can confidently say I’ve been guilty of at least 7 of those.