What We’re Reading: May 7 – May 13

Dystopias, saving $ in summer, and how unlucky is Friday the 13th?

Those Big Brother posters from 1984 really would work. Researchers show that even the illusion of being observed – even by a poster with eyes on it – makes people more honest. At least in England…

Speaking of dystopia: The rise of e-Readers is impacting more than just the publishing industry. Crain’s Chicago Business reports that built-in bookshelves in homes are passe. More and more owners are ripping them out or dry-walling them over in favor of flat screen TVs.

Rounding out our theme of nightmare realms:  Thought all your friends playing Farmville was annoying? Try Gagaville, launching next week. Yes, THAT Gaga.

Appolicious is a directory of free and paid apps on many subjects—health, finance, games, music and travel to name a few.  ABC 7 Chicago has highlighted a few of its navigation and driving apps in a recent story.

Summer heat is a mastermind at emptying our wallets. In today’s economy, many families cannot afford large rises in their monthly bills. How can you keep energy costs low this Summer?

Are accidents more likely to happen on Friday the 13th? How about if there’s also a full moon and a lunar eclipse? Slate revisits a classic Atul Gawande Medical Examiner column from 1998.

Be careful out there!


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