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Simplified mortgage disclosure a priority at CFPB, trade associations need to keep up with the times, and Disney doesn’t always get its way with copyright

In its first major move, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released two prototypes of shorter and easier-to-understand disclosure forms that lenders must give home buyers when they apply for a mortgage. The LA Times reports that the new federal agency is making simplified mortgage disclosures a priority as it prepares to start operations in July.

RIS Media recently discussed a few apps for the iPad focused on REALTORS® and real estate. They say the iPad delivers on connection and collaboration and gives an ‘enhanced experience’ for both REALTORS® and clients.

Trade associations have been around for several centuries – even further back if you include guilds.  They’ve served as an idea exchange, a way for members to share knowledge, discuss trends, lobby congress, and keep up on their fields. But with the internet and social networking, is the age of associations at an end? NPR takes a look at the future of the trade association – and manages to make some frightful puns in the process.

Although social media is still relatively new, more and more studies are emerging on sites like Facebook. And the results sometimes speak more about our own changing society than to anything else. Pete Cashmore of Mashable summarizes 10 fascinating facts about Facebook and what they tell us about ourselves. What I found interesting: 25% of households don’t use the any of Facebook’s privacy controls.

In the world of copyright and trademark, Disney has typically come out on top, rumored to play a hand in the development of more than one federal copyright act. The buck stops with the Navy Seals, who according to the Wall Street Journal, did not take kindly to Disney’s attempt at trademarking the name “Seal Team 6.”


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