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Listing mistakes, saying ‘no’ at work, and who moved my alarm clock to the bathroom?!

Today consumers have more information than ever when looking to buy a house. Sites like realtor.com, Trulia and Zillow all provide easy access to listings from all over the country. It’s no wonder than 9 out of 10 home buyers start their search online themselves. However, while people have become accustomed to looking at online dating profiles with a grain of salt, the home shopping experience is infrequent enough that people tend to believe what is presented. As SmartMoney points out, online listings suffer from misinformation too. Only once they take that next step do they find out the elegant house with a white picket fence is actually next to a dump or was sold months ago.

With so much doom and gloom everywhere, US News decided to point out 5 Good News Items for the US Economy.

Say goodbye to most of your incandescent light bulbs. Other than some specialty lights that are exempt, most lights will switch over to other more efficient technologies by 2015 when new rules take effect. Already we’re seeing a switch to compact-fluorescent with new cheaper LEDs expected to replace those eventually. The Wall Street Journal via Yahoo! tells why it should be a smooth transition to more efficient lights.

Saying ‘no’ to a new opportunity at work can be a challenge. We want to appear to be team players and to be willing to take on any task thrown at us. However, taking on too much has its downside too. It just takes a couple of mistakes or missed deadlines for you to be labeled ‘unreliable’. So sometimes the best strategy is to say no. But how do you do that so you come out ahead? Forbes explores how to say no, but still get ahead.

Everyone’s on a tighter schedule these days. Rush here, rush there, how will I ever make time for xyz? Yahoo! has some sneaky time saving tips. Especially good: reroute your commute to avoid left turns and move the alarm clock to the bathroom. You’ll have to get up to turn it off, and hey, the shower’s right there…


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