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Bill Gates, the American Dream, and Father’s Day

‘Loose lips sink ships’ was the saying. The same holds true in the real estate biz. Agents, buyers, and sellers will look for any trickle of information to help in negotiating a deal. Even the most casual of comments can weaken your position. Agents are advised to read their clients their own version of Miranda Rights or just get them out of the house altogether.

Although there may be bargains, the continuing decline of home prices makes many buyers nervous. And uncertainty over jobs makes buyers less willing to make gambles on big investments. NPR looks at the fear of housing commitment in the great recession.

Bill Gates is still the second wealthiest man in the world. And the Daily Mail just published a wide-ranging interview with him. It’s worth a read in its own right, but if you need a condensed version, Mashable provides 10 key facts on Bill Gates from the longer piece.

Buying vs. Renting? It’s not an easy one-way-or-the-other answer. Lots of factors go into making the decision, but for many home ownership is still part of the American Dream.

Google is investing in solar panels – not for itself, but for you.

Apple founder Steve Jobs announced a free service last week that allows consumers to store vast amounts of music, video, photos and documents on the Web, one of several emerging “cloud” computing offerings, reports the Washington Post, that are diminishing the need for a computer.

Google has stumbled before in social media, but pundits are looking on its latest offering with a bit more promise. Google’s +1. Not only can users “+1″ (said “plus one”) directly in Google search results, but website owners can add the button to their home page or website posts. It’s similar to the Facebook “like” button and is a vote in Google for specific content which could alter the way you see search results in Google. Agent Genius gives six things you should know about the Google +1 button.

DigitalTrends lists 9 tech gadgets that any dad is sure to love.


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