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fg214International real estate buyers snapped up an estimated $41 billion in real estate in the US last year. With the recent downturn in home prices, the US is becoming a more and more popular location for overseas buyers looking for investment or even just a second home. Trulia recently released a study on their Trulia Insights blog that examined just where international buyers were shopping and the results are interesting. While no one should be surprised that Florida towns make up 10 of the top 24 cities for international searches, individual results by buyer country showed some interesting results (Click on the image at the top of the blog post for a full interactive list of country and city pairs). For example, Detroit was the fifth most popular city for buyers from Australia. People from the UK were most interested in a Los Angeles address, while San Antonio was most searched by visitors from Mexico.

Prefer to focus on where domestic buyers are coming from or where you might get referrals? NAR provides relocation reports based on government data. These multi-page PDF reports are available for free to members (so what have you got to lose?) thru the NAR store and go down the county level. These reports cover domestic buyers  by county and represent actual purchasers, not just window shoppers.


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  1. That’s really amazing! it will help the recent downturn to come up.

  2. Very interesting turn of events in real estate! Foreign investors/buyers are cashing on in, lest, taking advantage over the downpour of homes and properties for sale in all-time low prices! Who’s to fear about the double-dip?!