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Real Estate Groupon, the Recession, and open houses

Online coupons are all the rage. Though I wonder if they’re sustainable, Groupon, LivingSocial, etc. are the hot marketing tip of the moment. Have you thought about using them in your real estate business in some way? Before jumping in, make sure they don’t violate any state laws. The RealTrends blog urges caution when using online coupons.

The Obama administration is ramping up talks on how to revive the housing market, which is weighing on the economic recovery—and possibly the president’s re-election in 2012.

And while the administration and congress are looking for solutions, economists are still looking for the causes of the Great Recession. University of Chicago economist Amir Sufi argues the main factor responsible for both the severity of the recession and the subsequent weakness of the economic recovery is the deplorable condition of the U.S. household balance sheet.  The bad news: a quick fix has yet to materialize.

Having a bad turnout at an open house can be disappointing. It can feel like wasted time and money. A down market changes the game when it comes to open houses. It’s time to get creative!


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  1. Interesting collate of happenings here David! Thanks! Too many talks about the housing recovery by the Obama administration, where is the action? We’ll wait ’til reelection comes?! As for open houses, getting really creative rules the game.

  2. Truly, the world is changing bit by bit. Real estate businesses are almost everywhere and the economy is getting better. Many more people are likely to engage with real estate as it is a very good investment, as a client of mine from Bethesda homes for sale would suggest.

  3. I think it is indeed really time to think outside the box when it comes to open houses because of the result of the recession. Groupon is I believe a very good strategy for real estate businesses, it’s all the rage nowadays and why not join the wagon? 🙂