What We’re Reading: July 23 – July 29

The return of flipping, post office for sale, and buying a piece of South Dakota

The Atlantic highlights the growing reality of the emergence of two housing markets: ‘nice’ homes and ‘ugly’ homes. Buyers are finding that homes with everything on their wish lists – airy family room, updated kitchen, bedroom on the first floor – aren’t selling at much of a discount even as overall prices decline. What’s holding down a housing recovery are the ugly homes with bad floor plans, outdated appliances and major problems. Lack of new construction and remodeling is only exacerbating the problem. If a big enough price differential emerges, the author asserts, we may see the return of the flippers.

The US Postal Service is considering closing over 3,600 post office branches (including one in a building Ben Franklin once owned). Check to see if any of your neighborhood branches are on the list here.

We’re always excited to crow about recognition in the family. So we’re happy to report our sister consumer site, houselogic.com recently one an Interactive Media Award for Outstanding Achievement in both the real estate and lifestyle categories. Good job everyone!

The house used in the filming of the 1979 movie the Amityville Horror – but not the actual haunted house itself is for sale.

It’s back to school season (where did the summer go?!) and time for the annual sales tax holiday. How can states still afford this? Check to see if your state or a neighboring one is participating this year.

Scenic, South Dakota, might not have much — a dance hall, a jail and a handful of out-buildings. But it’s a town. And most of it could be yours for $799,000. CNN reports on how you can buy yourself a town.


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