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Dubai office space woes, Twitter, and welcome to Spotify

With office vacancy standing at over 40 percent and on its way above 50 percent as new construction comes online, you would think Dubai would be a tenants’ market. However, according to a recent Bloomberg/BusinessWeek article, the floor-by-floor ownership structure of most Dubai developments makes finding larger blocks of space difficult. So difficult that some tenants find that building their own tower is the most cost- and time-efficient means of acquiring larger blocks space.

This week Twitter added photo-sharing—no longer do you have to use outside websites to share photos on Twitter. At least, on the computer. Twitter’s smartphone app does not yet have this feature.

Others are sure to follow, but Amazon is one of the first to push back against Apple’s app restrictions by launching a browser-based alternative to its popular Kindle app for iPad called the Kindle Cloud.

As the music industry continues to battle with ownership rights and piracy, a beacon of hope shines bright: Spotify.


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  1. This is very interesting. It is pretty sad that it ends up being cheaper and more cost efficient for people to build their own towers. On another note. Spotify is great.

  2. Dubai is very good lace for business..
    But now it become difficult for the builder to build their own tower. You share good information i will be helpful for those who want to start business in Dubai.