Flood Maps and Google Earth

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  1. Greg

    do you know of anything like this for Europe or Asia?

  2. Anita Ask

    Google Earth, the latest software application from the Internet giant Google, aims to change all this. One of the main features of this application is that it promises you minutely detailed maps of any location in this world. Even pictures of man-made building, trees, parks, mountains are available, if you so desire, in 3-D. It’s a method of information gathering for any specific location in this world. Google Earth is quite simply, an extraordinary technological feat. At a stroke, it has dominated the cartographical business. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. Just download the software and you can discover the world from your desktop.”.

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  3. Kevin Cupples, Seaside, OR Planning Director

    I just went into Google Earth to obtain flood plain information and the format has been changed. The prior format was very usable since you could see through the shaded flood plain layer. The new patterns are now too dense and I cannot see through them. It has now rendered the tool unusable since you can no longer see the base aerial image located underneath the flood plain image. Was this done by FEMA or is it something that Google Earth changed? Is there any way to get the old version back?

  4. Dan

    Dave, thanks so much for posting this! It’s been 5 years since you wrote this blog post, but I’m glad it’s still out on the Internet. This was much easier than I expected and now I can see if I’m in the 100-year flood plain (I’m not) but also how close I am (a little too close for comfort, but better than my neighbor!)

    Thanks again!!


  5. I too think thus, perfectly written post!