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Disney house, Facebook changes, and money matters

Notorious for copyright protection, Disney surprised a developer and architect in Utah when it agreed to allow them to build a replica of the house from the Disney-Pixar movie ‘Up’. According to the New York Times, although over 27,000 people have paid to tour the property, it’s still for sale. It can be yours for $400,000.

The Washington Post reports that Facebook is making some sweeping changes when it comes to how you share content with friends, and many look to be inspired by some of Google+’s more robust features.

In these tough times, the last thing we need is to replace a major appliance. Yahoo! Finance’s Financial Fit column tells how to prolong the life of some major appliances.

You’ve probably seen the commercial where a certain bank will round up purchases you make on your debit card and place them in your savings account for you (and therefore pocket a slightly higher fee from the merchant), but sometimes you need a more robust savings plan to build a rainy-day fund. Yahoo! Finance has some suggestions for building up your own nest egg.

Wired is impressed with Third Rail’s new iPhone 4 charging case.


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  1. As a daily Facebook user in my personal time, I really think that it was easier to use 3 or 4 years ago (i.e. there was less to think about – you signed in, added friends, and posted messages) but I really do like the new privacy setting. How many times have I wanted to share something on my wall but not wanted to offend somebody who may happen across it? !