Monthly Archive:: September 2011

What We’re Reading: Sept. 24 – Sept. 30

Coldwell Banker’s tech model, the new Kindle Fire, and do iPods make us unsocial? Most of us can’t go a full day without connecting in some way via social media – and some of us couldn’t last a full...
September 30, 2011

eBooks Now Kindle Compatible

We are pleased to announce that members can now view over 800 titles from the eBook Collection at on their Kindle or Kindle app device! Users have been calling for this for a long time and Kindle...
September 26, 2011

What We’re Reading: Sept. 17 – Sept. 23

Brandwashing, Attention on the Web, and Free Museums This week marks the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Peace Corps. Time Magazine provides a slide show detailing the program’s history. How long does the average person stay on a web...
September 23, 2011

One Post and Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blog Are Up-To-Date!

You tweet. You Facebook. Maybe you blog too. But do you view these as three distinct entities? If you are having trouble keeping pace with your social media accounts, consider using a tool like HootSuite, Posterous, or CoTweet. These...
September 22, 2011

What We’re Reading: Sept. 10 – Sept. 16

Thievery, Tailgating, and Tips for Your Tool Belt As digital thieves contrive ever more clever and convoluted traps, we must remain vigilant about protecting our online identities–keep your coterie in lock-down and personal information secure. It’s takes two to...
September 16, 2011

What We’re Reading Sept. 3 – Sept. 9

Exotic Locales, Elegant E-mail Signatures, and Energy Efficiency We’ve been enjoying the New York Times series “House hunting in …” In several installments we have learned about the real estate market in Austria, Switzerland, Madrid, British Columbia, and this...

Prestige for REALTORS® in 1941

In the summer of 1941 the Philadelphia Real Estate Board began a new campaign promoting the word REALTOR®. One of the goals was “to create a better and wider public understanding of the significance of this term,” wrote Board...
September 6, 2011

Twitter for REALTORS®

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks today. Current estimates peg membership at 200 million generating 200 million tweets a day. Users have lots of reason to tweet: they’re following their peers, connecting with celebrities, marketing their...
September 6, 2011

What We’re Reading: Aug. 27 – Sept. 2

Homeownership declines in all but elderly in last 20 years, real estate auctions & customer service hell Conforming mortgage limits are dropping at the beginning of October from $729,750 to $625,500, meaning that buyers looking for homes priced over...
September 2, 2011

Top Field Guides for August 2011

The list of the most-accessed Field Guides during the month of August was recently released: Field Guide to License Reciprocity / License Recognition Field Guide to Working with FSBOs Field Guide to Family Firms Field Guide to Do-Not-Call, Do-Not-Fax,...
September 1, 2011