What We’re Reading: Aug. 27 – Sept. 2

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  1. Bill

    I personnally think its a shame that this organization is still trying to pinch every dime out of the American people during this time of economic dispair , it is called preying upon the people for your own profit. Your commercial says for every two houses sold there is one job created in fact the only ones recieving any money from a house being sold is still the bankers and realtors as well as the construction of that house if it comes down to that but nothing new about any of that so in my eyes the commercial is an all out lie. And the amount of these houses being sold is outragous no matter how you look at it it just boils down to greed of you and the bankers. Wisdom says if you really were out to help the American people and wanted to create more jobs by selling these houses then you would know more houses would be sold if the price were to fir the deprate times of the economy and people. I dont need a reply to this I just wanted to start this movement streight to the sorce of the problem thats all.