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Thievery, Tailgating, and Tips for Your Tool Belt

As digital thieves contrive ever more clever and convoluted traps, we must remain vigilant about protecting our online identities–keep your coterie in lock-down and personal information secure. It’s takes two to tango though, so think twice before you fake a name online.

With money being tight these days, one has to be resourceful. That hairdryer of yours? Go ahead and add it to your tool belt. However, money is not tight for all;  where do the wealthy settle down? Forbes enlightens us. If you’ve got some extra funds, perhaps take a ride on the Florida foreclosure tour bus?

Football season is once again upon us. If you’re a football enthusiast, then check out these tailgating tips (or sailgating if you’re a Washington Husky). If, like my mother, you are not a sports fan, then we recommend the New York Times Arts section for reviews on movies, TV, plays, art exhibitions, and more. Not sure what tailgating is? Wikipedia sheds light.

And last, for those who experience pain–joints, back, head–some helpful ideas.

Kate Stockert

Information & Web Content Specialist at the National Association of REALTORS®

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