One Post and Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blog Are Up-To-Date!

You tweet. You Facebook. Maybe you blog too. But do you view these as three distinct entities?

If you are having trouble keeping pace with your social media accounts, consider using a tool like HootSuite, Posterous, or CoTweet. These tools allow you to schedule posts to automatically direct to one or more of your social media accounts. One post and your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blog are up-to-date. Not only does this save time and energy, but also ensures brand consistency—creating a single, uniform voice for your real estate business.

The skinny:

HootSuite (Basic: free; Pro: $5.99/month)

Hootsuite offers a smooth and intuitive platform. It’s easy to schedule auto-posts to your numerous social media accounts, view a timeline of scheduled posts, and change scheduled post dates/times. HootSuite ties in with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and more. The downside: no audio, video, documents, or pictures. And, there’s a charge for using the administrative capabilities.

Posterous (free)

Posterous offers some nice bells and whistles. Key features include the ability to compose posts longer than 140 characters, a URL auto-shortener, and the ability to share audio and video clips, documents, and pictures. Post scheduling is possible, but it is not nearly as intuitive as HootSuite and does not include a visual timeline display. Posterous ties in with numerous social sites, including Twitter and Facebook.

CoTweet (free)
CoTweet is a service for Twitter. Set up administrative controls for multiple users so everyone in a given office can access the company Twitter account, but no one has the Twitter login. Instead, they log in with a personal CoTweet login, where you set the controls over who can post and respond to tweets, and more. For example: require your approval before a tweet can post, and assign tweets to your CoTweeters.

The conclusion:

In a perfect world, HootSuite, Posterous, and CoTweet would coalesce into one robust, all-purpose tool. Until that time HootSuite is great for scheduling tweets, Posterous for sharing multi-media content, and CoTweet for administrating Twitter.

Learn more:

To see HootSuite, Posterous, and CoTweet in action, check out our fifth video in the Twitter for REALTORS® video series.

Kate Stockert

Information & Web Content Specialist at the National Association of REALTORS®

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  1. Great post. Over the past year I have been in search for the simplest way to be engaged in Social Media. I have used Posterous and Hootsuite, and you are right, they both serve their purpose. When it came to a winner, Hootsuite made my social media easier, simpler, and more efficient. If only I could find a site that did my social media for FREE. ha. Thanks for your article.

  2. Kate

    Glad to hear you liked it! Yes, I too have found Hootsuite to be very helpful. Ideally, the Posterous and CoTweet features would be added to Hootsuite for free… 🙂

  3. Kate

    I should note, at least in the real estate industry, the social media experts are not fans of tweet scheduling or auto-replies. I think tweet scheduling can be very useful, depending on the nature of your business. For example, I followed @SummerDance2011 –they likely scheduled their tweets in advance, because they have a set schedule at the start of the summer; I followed them specifically for reminders of events each day. In that case, the tweet scheduling worked great.

  4. @Kate,thanks for the tips. I have been thinking about how to schedule my tweets, my facebook page updates and even my linkedIn updates when publishing new articles on my Toronto real estate WordPress blog. I tend to schedule the release of my articles in advance, so this would be a great and powerful feature for me. So far, I have tried Tweetdeck for tweets and it works OK for scheduling, but It didn’t work very well with LinkedIn nor Facebook. Now I have found and I am testing Yoono, which I really like so far. I have installed the browser app for now and it seems to work really well and fast. The only trouble is that it isn’t integrated with Facebook pages. Only with person profiles. I might stop using it for this reason, but the developers say that they will try to make it work (but now, they have other issues, which is really sad). Yoono would be really great for a person who is in charge of more Twitter, LinkedIn or Flickr account, as it seems to have no problem with simultaneous login under different identities. I sure hope they’ll add the Facebook page feature, when you’re on the site, drop them a comment so they feel the pressure! Thanks!

  5. Kate

    Thanks for the follow up Jamie–I will check out Yahoo and Yoono!

  6. This is simply great content.. Thanks