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The turkey may cost more, but Black Friday sales start at midnight (or earlier)

According to the Pew Research Center, older Americans are 47 times wealthier than young. Read the report for stunning figures, graphs, and statistics. With student loan debts reaching all-time highs coupled with a grim job market, one has to wonder how this all will impact real estate. Hopefully Obama’s recent executive orders will ease the burden on this population.

The cost for a classic Thanksgiving dinner including turkey, stuffing, cranberries, pumpkin pie and all the basic trimmings increased about 13 percent this year, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Holiday creep: Walmart is joining the growing list of retailers starting Black Friday on Thanksgiving night. Wipe that pumpkin pie off your face, re-button your pants, and join the the hordes. And just in time: What’s on sale in November? TVs and DVDs, halloween costumes, outdoor furniture, and seasonal items like apples, potatoes and turkey.

Every year, Remodeling magazine looks at the hottest home upgrades and renovations and calculates just how much owners get back with they sell. Here are the 6 projects with the lowest return to owners.

Just when you’ve decided the Amazon’s Kindle Fire is the eBook Reader/Tablet for you, along comes a new Nook Tablet from Barnes & Noble. Grr! Time also does a comparison of the two new gadgets.

Is the iPhone safer from hackers than Android? Pretty much.

The risk of identity theft looms large in today’s ever more digital world. MSN Money details which documents you should shred. Yahoo! Finance also maps out safe debit card use guidelines.

A round of deep thanks to all the members of our armed forces, both past and present, on this Veterans Day!


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  1. Concise. Pact. Informative. But hey Dave I have an Android phone and I’m scared of what you said. How am I supposed to avoid those creepy guys that lives underground? Is there an update to this from Android to battle up the hacking that might occur?Thanks a lot for that information though it’s still better to know the things happening around.


  2. Quite interesting post, Dave! The younger ones are saying “Ouch!” while the oldies are celebrating – thanks to Pew Research Center’s study. Even our staple during Thanksgiving is flying off the roof, its price, that is! Will take note of the “6 Worst Home Fixes for the Money.” Thanks, Dave!