Audiobooks with iOS5

Apple and audiobooks are back in action!

If you are an audio(book)phile and you use an Apple device to enjoy audiobooks, then you likely experienced trials and tribulations with the recent iOS5 upgrade. Suddenly, what once worked perfectly no longer worked at all. For weeks, we went without. Work commutes dragged on, walks in the out of doors seemed colder, gym workouts more mundane, life more colorless.

Thankfully, those days are over. OverDrive (the audiobook vendor for most libraries) brings color back to our world. The solution is far from perfect, but for audiobook junkies: it’s a fix. Details below on this somewhat onerous process.

1. Uninstall OverDrive Media Console from your computer (any books you have already checked out with OverDrive will display when you reinstall).

How to uninstall from a PC:

1a. From your Control Panel click “Uninstall a program” and follow the uninstall steps:

1b. Search for OverDrive using the search box at upper right, click on the program when it is located and click on “uninstall.” Follow the uninstall steps.

2. Reinstall OverDrive Media Console on your computer:

3. Download an audiobook from NAR eBooks collection:

4. Plug-in your Apple device to your computer and make sure iTunes is open

5. Open the OverDrive program on  your computer (from a PC click on the start menu –> search for OverDrive –> click on OverDrive when you see it in the list.

6. Transfer the audiobook (or parts of the audiobook) to your Apple device:

7. The book will appear on your Apple device, but will not yet play if you disconnect from your computer:

8. OverDrive and iTunes will make an empty playlist with the same title as your audiobook:

9. Drag + drop the audiobook parts from the “Books” section of your Apple device to the playlist OverDrive/iTunes made for your audiobook:

10. Now disconnect your Apple device from your computer and enjoy.

Two important notes:

1. OverDrive will not save your place, so you need to remember which part and chapter you left off on last when switching from audiobooks to music/podcasts/etc. on your Apple device.

2. You will need to delete the book chapters from your Apple device when you are finished.

If you don’t already know, there is a free OverDrive app. It is a much smoother process than the steps above. You can even add more than one library, such as the NAR Library AND your local public library. However, frequently you will find there are fewer selections via the app than when checking out/downloading via your Library’s eBooks site.

Kate Stockert

Information & Web Content Specialist at the National Association of REALTORS®

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  1. This blog is very nice & the book will appear on your Apple device, but will not yet play if you disconnect from your computer

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  2. Laura

    Thank you! I went without audiobooks over Christmas because I couldn’t find them anymore and couldn’t find any answers on how to find them. Overdrive should put your description on their website.

  3. Kate

    Hi Connecticut houses for sale–you have to drag+drop the parts from the “books” part of your Apple device into the playlist that OverDrive makes with the book title. Once you have dragged parts to a playlist, then you can remove the device from your computer and listen to the audiobook.

  4. Kate

    Glad to hear the post was of use Laura–thanks!