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Multi-generational homes, reviews of the Kindle Fire, and surviving your relatives

Renting may be the latest fashion, but it still feels like something you do right out of college or if you can’t afford to buy. For an aspirational society like ours, it’s decidedly not upwardly mobile when you have to call your landlord if you want to change your showerhead. Or grow herbs. Or get a dog.

Or have your in-laws move in. The latest trend in homebuilding? A second master bedroom suite. With more and more multi-generational families expected as boomers age and unemployed college graduates move back home, BloombergBusinessWeek gives the details.

And at the other end of the multi-generational living spectrum, new college grads are more and more frequently moving back in with Mom and Dad which is slowing down the recovery.

When is the best time to tweet? 9 am Eastern Time.

What’s inside the new Kindle Fire? Lots of great parts. Reviews are coming in and they range from generally positive: Mashable, Consumer Reports, Mossberg to less enamored: Pogue, WaPo, Wired. And now rumors of a Kindle phone? Hmm…

MSN Money has 18 tips to save on holiday shopping: start early, look for deals and coupons, gift cards are ok, and don’t buy for yourself, you greedy so and so!

AAA reports that millions of people will travel between Thanksgiving and the end of the year, most of them visiting family. That means there are a lot of beleaguered holiday hosts as well as holiday guests out there. Here’s how to survive. Hint: leave the emotional baggage at the door. Good luck on that one…

Life Magazine was known for the quality of its images. But after 75 years there were bound to be a few clunker covers.


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