What We’re Reading: Black Friday Edition

Despite some backlash against early store openings on Thanksgiving Day, retailers could see a record number of shoppers on Black Friday this year.

An estimated 152 million people are expected to shop over Black Friday weekend, up 10% from last year, according to a recent report from industry trade group the National Retail Federation.

Retailers love to make you think you are getting a bargain on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but it’s not always the case. Time gives some tips on what consumers need to know about BF.

Gizmodo rounds up electronic deals from the major players – some are better than others. Need more guidance? Consider using a smartphone app or two to help you find the deals.

Apple has a few Black Friday deals too. While the big ticket items are only so-so deals, some accessories aren’t bad.

Whether you spend your holiday with family and friends or out in the cold shivering in line (also hopefully with friends), Information Central wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!


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