What We’re Reading: Feb. 4 – Feb. 10

Housing inventory, Facebook’s IPO, and Pinterest for business

Mixed messages: According to various measures (including ours), existing housing inventory continues to decline. December 2012 figures are close to where they were in 2005 before the slump took hold. While no one is predicting a massive expansion, maybe we can hope for a return to more historical averages. While this sounds like good news finally, an article in Time by our own Katie Tarbox warns that shadow inventory could hold down housing values for several more years.

The search engine Wolfram Alpha has mostly gathered its following from math geeks. But did you know it’s also the source of many iPhone Siri answers? A new pay version launched this week that handles graphics and images.

You might have heard that Facebook has filed an IPO. Once it starts trading, Facebook will unleash a new horde of multimillionaires on Silicon Valley thanks to employee stock options. Can the area absorb that much cash? Where are they going to live? If you thought homes in the valley were expensive before, just wait…

The latest darling in Social Media sites, Pinterest, may be just the thing your business is looking for.

Anyone experience the fail whale on Twitter during the Super Bowl? At the end of the game, over 12,000 tweets being fired off per second, only outpacing the flying fingers during Madonna’s halftime show (10,245 tweets per second). Amazingly that’s not even the record, set during a screening of a movie on Japanese TV last year – 25,000 tweets per second!

Walmart is repositioning its greeters just as millions of Boomers are realizing they didn’t save enough for retirement. No one is getting laid off (yet), but greeters are now going to be assigned more tasks within the store while still offering customers a warm hello.

After witnessing Apple’s success, Amazon reportedly is opening a retail store in Seattle.

Time looks at some humorous (ok, weird) apps for Valentine’s Day.


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