What We’re Reading: May 19 – May 25

Tech mistakes, housing costs/school info by metro, and how to cook perfect bacon

Affordable housing might be coming to Marin County in California, courtesy of George Lucas. How inflated are property values? A family of four earning $88,000 qualifies. Needless to say, some neighbors aren’t happy.

Avoid these common tech mistakes pointed out by the Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine.  You can lose clients through poor website maintenance, wrong communication channels  when working with a client, failing to back up your information and spending money on gas and travel when you could be using technology to communicate.  Other mistakes include avoiding social media, not disposing of your computer in an environmentally safe manner and poor security.

The Brookings Institution has a new statistics page that shows housing costs and school information by metropolitan region.

The article lists more than 8, so I have no idea where they came up with the title, but it’s good advice. 8 things never to do with an extension cord, courtesy of State Farm.

Yet another fool-proof bacon cooking trick to keep your little slices of love crispy but moist from America’s Test Kitchen. I may have to try it.

And summertime is almost here. My thoughts are turning to the pool and a nice chair, how about you? Well, how about this pool, the world’s largest, in Chile?


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