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IPO impact on housing prices, goodbye Nextel, and grilling mistakes

Facebook is affecting real estate prices in California, says Bloomberg.  Facebook’s IPO created many millionaires who are looking for homes. Scarce inventory in Menlo Park is driving up home prices. A “savvy bunch of sellers” has purposely kept their homes off the market in desirable areas in anticipation of the IPO. Listings haven’t been this scarce at this time of year since 2005, when house prices neared peak values. As Facebook’s value continues to decline, we’ll see how this plays out.

Time looks at the rise and fall of over-the-top home renovation projects. Gone are the outdoor kitchens, theater rooms and gi-normous master baths with whirlpool tubs. Today’s remodelers are looking to the more practical and higher ROI projects.

Remember when Push-to-Talk was all the rage? As fewer and fewer people actually use their mobile phones for voice calls, Sprint has announced it’s finally shutting down its Nextel network service in about a year. Existing customers who can’t live without Push-to-Talk can still use the technology on Sprint’s own Direct Connect service, though most are just leaving Sprint behind for other carriers.

It’s grilling season once again. Which of these five grilling mistakes are you making?

You’ve heard of off-road bikes, fixed gear bikes, but how about treadmill bikes? or couch bikes? Whether they’re just a spoof on youtube, an art project or something you can really buy, bicycle designers are coming up with more and more variations.


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