What We’re Reading: June 16 – June 22

Segway caravanning, Microsoft Windows 8 phone & tablet, and OBC 2.0

Here’s a new twist on a real estate caravan—the Segway tour. Retail brokers in Long Beach, CA, recently toured 11 commercial sites in an hour, noting the surrounding traffic flow and discussing zoning issues for the properties. “Instead of taking an entire afternoon, we’re able to cover a lot of ground within an hour,” said Tony Shooshani, managing member of Shooshani Developers LLC. “The Segways are good for that. It’s fun, it’s exciting and everyone gets a partnership deal going because we’re all doing something cool together. It creates an environment where you want to do deals.”

It was a big week for news from Microsoft. In addition to announcing more details of the forthcoming Windows 8 for mobile devices (hint: your existing windows phone won’t upgrade, but that’s not such a bad thing), the (mostly) software company announced a tablet competitor to Apple’s iPad – the Surface.

Oprah is relaunching her book club – Oprah Book Club 2.0. An article in The Atlantic points out how Winfrey is great at getting people to buy books, but lousy at showing her audience how to read. While here individual titles may experience a sales boom (and subsequent works by the same author, a boomlet), overall reading and sales in the industry remain flat.

As we bury ourselves in our mobile devices and desktops, are we making ourselves socially awkward offline as a result? While REALTORS® are highly connected through Facebook, Twitter and other media, you can’t and shouldn’t lose real world communication opportunities.

Summer travel season is upon us. Will you be passing through an airport anytime soon? Hopefully it’s one of the following with some great and unique amenities.

And once you reach the hotel it’s time to break out the anti-bacterial wipes because the room is a giant germ colony. But not where you’d expect; try the tv remote and the light switch instead.


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