What’s New in the Library – End of June 2012

Updated Field Guides

Appraisal of Real Estate Offices & Selling Your Book of Business
Whether you own a real estate firm or are thinking of buying or selling one, it’s important to know what the business is worth. The following articles and studies can provide some insight into determining the value of a real estate firm and its assets.

Association Budgets & Reserves
Creating and maintaining a successful association budget doesn’t have to be a headache. Take the pain out of budgeting with these tools available through NAR’s library at Information Central.

Business Value
Valuing the intangible? Understand the distinctions between business value, going-concern, and goodwill—and find out how these concepts apply to hotels & motels, retail establishments, and special purpose properties—in this updated field guide.

Creating Effective Classified Ads
National Association of REALTORS® research shows that 30% of buyers used print newspaper advertisements to find information on homes for sale in 2010. However, only 2% of buyers found the house they purchased using print ads.These rates have been declining: in 2008, 47% of buyers consulted print ads in their home searches, and 3% found the house they purchased through a print add. Whether you want to create successful classified ads—because many brokerages still use them—or you’d rather start advertising online, this field guide provides tips and considerations.

Digital Cameras & Photography
Did you know that 98% of homebuyers who searched for a home on the internet found photos to be among the most useful features of REALTOR® websites, according to the 2011 NAR Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers? Digital photography and virtual tours allow REALTORS® to serve their clients like never before. Digital images can quickly and professionally showcase a listing, and today’s technologically savvy clients appreciate the convenience of a virtual tour for both long distance and local moves. The following articles will guide you from the beginning to the advanced stages of how to choose and use one of real estate’s hottest tools.

Effects of Hazardous Waste on Property Values
There are both pros and cons to living in an advanced industrial society. One of the ills of modernization is the hazardous waste that is often generated by manufacturing sites, energy facilities, and larger cities in general. Hazardous waste and its associated stigma can have serious ramifications on the value of the subject property, not to mention the values of surrounding properties and neighborhoods. This field guide explores how environmental hazards impact surrounding properties, appraisal issues, and more.

Other Resources

New Books in the Library
What’s new in the Information Central library collection? This month you’ll find books on Downpayment Assistance Programs, Valuation of Apartment Properties, Rent versus Buy Decision, Shopping Center Appraisal and many more. Interested in borrowing any of these titles from the library? Simply click on the title to make your request right over the web!

New eBooks in the Library
What’s new in the Information Central eBook collection? This month our featured eBook section is Secrets of Selling.  You’ll also find some of the following new titles in our “just added” section on the eBook home page: How to Be Great at the Stuff You Hate, Mobilized Marketing, The Secret Language of Influence, The Ultimate Guide to Sales Training and many more. Interested in borrowing any of these titles from the eBook collection?  Simply click on the title to make your request right over the web!


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