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Facebook changes, meat and bugs

Facebook just changed your default email to one you probably don’t use. It can be fixed. It appears that email going to your new @facebook.com address will just appear in your Messages tab on the social network.

And in other Facebook news, earlier in the week it rolled out a trial “Find Friends Nearby” feature to help people meet Facebook users around them who were on the same page. Facebook quickly pulled it back in for more testing, but perhaps someday soon you can find out if that guy sitting next to you on the train is also a Barry Manilow fan.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Mac users are considered ritzy through the lens of covert travel websites as the Internet continues on a path of profiling and personalization.

It’s not often we turn to the politically-charged, but NPR released an interesting story about meat consumption and the environment this week. To put it into context, discover your Ecological Footprint. It takes us 4.2 earths to maintain our lifestyle.

How to Keep Your Home Bug-free in the Summer

Social media is more than words—now it includes pictures too.  AgBeat discusses the importance of visual social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram.   Making these sites more personal will make you more successful.  You can add things like mini-videos, infographics and charts,  interesting things you see daily and promoting businesses you have a relationship.


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